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You are designing your dream kitchen for a remodel project, and you are struggling with what kind of countertops. You are battling between the heavyweight champ, Granite, and the up-and-coming new star, Quartz. Which do you choose and how do you know which one is best for you? Wow, now that is a tough one, especially since this is a significant expense for the kitchen remodel in Oklahoma City. Countertops play an essential part in the aesthetics of your kitchen as well as the functionality, so choosing the right material takes a little research. Hopefully, this blog will give you a little insight into both elements and how they could function in your new kitchen. So let’s examine the pros and cons of Granite vs. Quartz.

Granite, the gorgeous pure stone made from mother earth, is mined and then turned into polished slabs or tiles. Each piece is unique, one of a kind and colors range from earth tones, blues, greens, and reds. Who doesn’t love the way it grounds the look of a kitchen bringing earth inside the home. Granite is hard to beat, aesthetically speaking, for kitchen countertops. It has been the homeowner’s choice for decades. However, granite has a few things against it when it comes to durability and maintenance. Granite is a porous material and can suck up liquids. Being porous it can also harbor infectious bacteria and viruses that are often found in food preparation. Because granite is mother-nature made it will contain flaws, and that may cause chipping and cracking. Granite requires regular resealing to keep it from being damaged, but even then granite can be easily stained and ruined.

Quartz, a new star in the kitchen scene, is beautifully sleek and modern. Quartz is one of the earth’s most abundant minerals. That’s right, and Quartz is not a stone. These quartz countertops are made by crushing the mineral and adding color and resin to bind it into slabs. So quartz countertops are, and the colorations are synthetic, allowing for a wide variety of colors. However, quartz countertops have less natural beauty compared to granite and manufacturers are having a hard time making quartz to look like stone. However, quartz countertops are hands down the better choice for maintenance and durability. Unlike granite, quartz is non-porous making it stain resistant and more hygienic; all you need is a mild cleanser. Quartz has no striations that can lead to chipping and cracking, plus you do not have to reseal quartz, ever.

In cost comparison both are roughly $80 to $150 per square foot, so the countertop choice boils down to esthetic vs. function. Do you want that gorgeous granite and don’t mind the upkeep or would rather have the sleek quartz and never have worry about the kid’s Kool-Aid. It’s a tough one. I know my choice, and hopefully, this helps you make yours.

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