Window Types For Sales And Installation

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Window Sash

The insulated glass unit and frame that holds it in place.  A sash can move up and down or be fixed.
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Single Hung Window 

Window where there is one sash on the bottom, which can be raised. The top portion is fixed.
Benefit – Single Hung windows are often less expensive than double hung and can have a tighter seal.
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Double Hung Window 

Dual sashes (top and bottom). Both raise or lower and may tilt in.
Benefit – Double Hung Windows can be opened and vent through both the top and bottom. Both the top and bottom sash can be tilted in to clean the outside of the window from the inside of your home.
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Sliding Windows 

Sliding windows open vertically rather than up and down. Siding windows can have one or two operating sashes.
Benefit – May be easier to open, where you have to reach across a counter or sink. Potential cost savings, when replacing twins or large picture windows.
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Picture Window 

Single sash, glass is fixed does not open.
Benefit – Picture windows offer unobstructed views, often used to create a clear view into a yard or scenic landscape.
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Casement Window 

Single Sash window that opens by turning a handle. It pivots on either the right or left side.
Benefit – Casement windows, offer a similar non-obstructed view, as with picture windows with the advantage of still be able to open. These are sometimes used over a sink or cooktop.
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Mulled Window 

Two or more windows attached to each other.  The windows can be stacked one on top of the other, side by side or a combination of both.
Benefit – Mulled windows can be used to create an interesting modern look or fill a large opening where a picture window is not desired.
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