Hello, thanks for checking out Home Renew, it’s my sincere hope we can help facilitate your project in some way or another.

Who We Are




Caleb President at Home Renew OKC



Construction Experience

Since you’re in the “About Us” section, you probably want to know that I have a long history in the remodeling industry, you might say it’s in my genes when I was a boy living in a 30’s era craftsman home, my Mom and Dad decided to gut and open-up 3/4 of the ground floor of our two-story home. My Dad was an early adopter and big proponent of the “open floor plan”. Our entire family got to work, tearing out walls in the kitchen, large walk-in pantry, back porch, a closet, and living area. This was not a small, tidy remodel, the walls were plaster with lathe board and there were a lot of them, so believe me I understand what’s like to live through a very long and dirty remodel project.

Additionally, growing up we had rentals that needed remodeling, I also worked as a roofer, in the summer months of high school and I’ve built two homes. Since starting Home Renew, we have completed hundreds of remodeling projects.

Education and Business Experience

Besides construction, I have a business degree from The University of Oklahoma. I have worked with large corporations and have many years of experience, managing small businesses before starting Home Renew.


I began with and continue to maintain the idea that whether you are buying a whole house or just one window, most of us have a very similar process when making a purchase decision.
That process involves a series of thoughts or questions such as:
1. Roughly, how much is this going to cost? Is it even in my budget, and, how do I get a ballpark price without jumping hoops.
2. Is it possible to spend less and what are the reasons I might want to spend a little more? What are the trade-offs.
3. What separates one product or vendor from the rest?
4. How do I stay in control of the process and resist coercive sales pitch?
5. How do I find the best solution to my need?


I believe that all relationships must be mutually beneficial. In any transaction, both sides need to win; it’s really as simple as that. Home Renew doesn’t try to be the cheapest, because if we were we wouldn’t be able to do our best. We also don’t promise to be completely perfect, because if we did, we would have to hire more people, or spend more time and therefore, our price would have to be higher. Besides our warranties, the only thing we do promise when it comes to our work is that we will do our best. All that represents the Home Renew family come to work each day with one thought in mind, take care of our clients. Again, we aren’t flawless, but if you read our reviews, talk to past customers, and look at the work we’ve done, I think you’ll find quite a bit to believe in.

Caleb Gum
Home Renew